Find A Word Answers

In the February 2023 newsletter, we published a Find A Word containing 20 of the best fictional detectives. They are from books, movies, tv shows, and some are found in all of these forms. The clues were somewhat cryptic just to make it a little more interesting.
Here are the answers.

2 speak French and 2 speak no human language
Poirot and Maigret speak French, while Inspector Rex and Scooby Doo are dogs and do not speak any human languages.

1 died centuries ago and 1 has not been born yet – holistically that is.
Cadfael died centuries ago and Dirk Gently is a detective in the future

1 walks the mean streets and 1 does not walk
Sam Spade is the PI who walks the mean streets while Ironside, a former detective in San Francisco, cannot walk and uses a wheelchair

1 is cerebral and a published poet, another just wants to know if you’re feeling lucky
Adam Dalgliesh is the published poet, while Dirty Harry is much less poetical when talking about his Magnum .357

1 loves opera and beer, another orchids and fine dining
Morse is the opera and beer lover, while Nero Wolfe is the gourmand and orchid lover

All of them are bold, but only 1 is bald
Kojak is the bald detective

1 is Australian – Phryne Fisher

9 are American – Sam Spade, Ironside, Dirty Harry, Nero Wolfe, Jessica Fletcher, Nancy Drew, Columbo, Kojak, Scooby Doo

6 are British – Adam Dalgliesh, Morse, Cadfael, Miss Marple, Lord Wimsey, Holmes

4 are women – Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, Phryne Fisher, Jessica Fletcher

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